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#BelgianSummer: 10 kid-friendly activities to do in Brussels this August

#BelgianSummer: 10 kid-friendly activities to do in Brussels this August

Are you staying in Brussels with your children this summer? We are half way through the holidays but you are already running out of ideas to entertain them? Cherry on top: the covid-19 is still going around so we have received new sanitary measures that may affect (for a good reason though) your holidays. What a pain!

But don’t worry, Imagine Belgium has a well-honed strategy worthy of the greatest military plans to save your summer in Brussels! We’ve put together a list of 100% kid friendly activities to do in August that your children will love certainly as much as you will (please, don’t thank us)!

Let’s go on outdoor adventures!

It’s sunny outside and your kids have (a lot) of energy today? You will definitely love La Pause in Uccle! Someone had the amazing idea to open a place where children can have fun while parents can chill… and it is called La Pause (The Break, literally), isn’t that great? Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon in August, children from 2 to 12 years can enjoy lots of outdoor activities in the huge playground of La Pause. While they will be busy jumping in the bouncy castle or doing a workshop under supervision of a professional team, you will have some peace to sip a glass of wine and rest (or work, there is also the WiFi, so no excuse). Bouncy castle you said? Mathilde from Imagine Belgium is already packing her stuff to move in!

But what about the sanitary measures? Only children over 12 yo have to wear a mask, there is a lot of space between tables outside and only 200 people can be in the domain at the same time.

Did you know that there was a medieval fantasy world in the North of Brussels? Let’s embark your kids into the Game Sortilège right in the heart of the first Urban Forest of the city. Children from 4 years old in search of adventure will solve a quest full of enigmas and receive their letter of nobility as Archer of the Kingdom of the Vale (lucky monsters). And if they are not exhausted after that, you can still leave the elder ones in the treetop adventure trail in the forest. But don’t forget to bring them back home!

Who said only kids should enjoy the holidays? If you want to get away from the big city, get them on their bikes to hit the road on the Promenade verte. The route is a loop all around the periphery of Brussels that will bring you from the city to the countryside. It is also a beautiful ride connecting some of the best playgrounds and a nice way to explore the surroundings of Brussels. Plus, it’s free and covid-friendly, so it’s definitely an activity to be added on your list!

Get some fresh air… underground!

It’s too hot outside and you desperately need some freshness? Like in the desert, you are genuinely looking for an oasis of activities good enough to amuse your children? Relax, we have the solution! Go explore the hidden face of Brussels… in the underground! You may think “OMG they’ve gone crazy at Imagine Belgium”, but not at all, listen up guys!

Have you heard about the Palais du Coudenberg? There was once the prestigious palace of Charles V in this place. Now it is a large network of underground passages where kids (between 5-8 years old) can follow the Underground Treasure Hunt in the remains of the palace. They are disguised and equipped with a backpack full of tools and surprises to help them reaching the treasure chest! This is also a covid-friendly activity since the treasure hunt is limited in number and all the backpacks and equipments are disinfected between each knight and princess!

If you are looking for another unique place in Brussels, don’t miss the Sewer Museum. Just under our feet, there is a huge world to visit! Did you know that the sewer network under the Brussels region is nearly 1900km long? Children (between 8-12 years old) will surely love stepping in the shoes of the “exploRATeur” (yes, just like rats, how lovely isn’t it!) to discover the origin of the sewers, the importance of water in the development of Brussels and the amazing work carried out by sewer workers. It is also a great opportunity for everyone to explore a very unusual place and to learn more about the city’s water cycle.

Talking about water, let’s get back on the surface! There are other places we want to talk about!

Raise their awareness on today’s world

Today children and teenagers might be a bit lost when they hear about climate change, pollution or consumption. That is why there is the Belexpo exhibition. It is a place where children from 8 years old (minimum age to be able to really enjoy the visit) will learn more on how to preserve the environment and our natural resources in a fun and positive way. It is definitely a great opportunity to raise your kids’ ecological conscience! The good new is that the entrance to the exhibition is free for all till the end of August! Not to be missed then!

In line with the Belexpo, you can also bring your children to the Museum of Natural Sciences to see the Antartica immersive exhibition. The entire family will go an expedition to Adélie Land to explore remote areas and observe the beauty (and fragility) of the Antarctic. All penguin-lovers welcome!

Have you ever heard of anthropomorphic art? The wacky ZOO exhibition, waiting for you at the MIMA Museum, will explain everything ! This exhibition mixes art, humor, comics and pop culture to interpret our society and its bias. In fact, it is a bit like the poems of Jean de la Fontaine with a nice touch of madness. But don’t freak out! It is actually accessible for all since it is all about your own interpretation. You may be curious about ZOO by now, so go and have a look by yourself!

Once summer ends and when September comes, you should definitely come and visit us at Imagine Belgium in the Grand-Place of Brussels! Why? Because we will launch Flybox, our VR experience that will make your literally fly over Belgium to (re)discover the country. Stay tuned, we will soon tell you more about that!

Enjoy summer festivals all around Brussels!

With the latest sanitary measures due to the pandemic, many events and festivals were cancelled this summer. But there are still some events where you can hang out safely with your kids. We actually recommend to check the initiatives and cultural events proposed by your municipalities, you may be surprised by their creativity to save the summer even in times of covid-19!

For instance, Brussels maintained its Hello Summer festival which offers some 100% kid friendly activities in the Vaux-Hall (Parc Royal). There, the little ones will meet Guignolet and all its puppet friends for an open-air show. In fact, these wood-made puppets are all crafted in Brussels workshops, so the idea is to revive this local know-how. The grown-ups will also be fond of the Brussels Games Festival that takes place every Sunday. It’s basically for everyone and you would be surprised by the diversity of games they offer! We hope you’re not a wrong player, you might be beaten by a 8-years old kiddo at your favorite game!

But the Hello Summer festival offers many other events (concert, circus, dance and so much more) everywhere in Brussels, so you should really have a look at the program! At Imagine Belgium, we just saw from our window the acrobatic show that was taking place this afternoon right in the Grand-Place and we loved it!

If your children are too small for big games, the SeeU Festival in Ixelles is here for you! They offer many activities in partnership with The Baby Café Haricot Magique to play, dance, listen to music and fairy tales. So that even babies will party hard this summer!


Here we are! We hoped you liked our article and our list gave you some inspiration to entertain your tribe this August in Brussels! Of course, this list is non-exhaustive so feel free to comment below and give us your tips and all your kid friendly activities! You can also share your posts and stories on Instagram with our tag @ImagineBelgium, we will be happy to repost them on our feed! 

You will also find many events, museums and great places to visit on

Last but not least, we couldn’t write this article on activities to do with children in Brussels without talking about the amazing Kids Gazette! Don’t miss the summer edition, you will find some super nice plans to have fun with your kids!


Written by Mathilde Pareja

Meet Mathilde, our Content Creator. She loves travelling and meeting new people. Belgian fries and waffles are her little "péchés mignons". She is always looking for good plans and tips to explore and (re)discover Belgium !

July 30, 2020

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