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#BelgianSummer: 10 Belgian castles you will love this summer

August 3, 2020

#BelgianSummer: 10 Belgian castles you will love this summer

Did you know that Belgium has the largest number of castles per square kilometers in the world? There are around 3.000 castles all over the country so why don’t you add some of them to your bucket list of activities to do this summer? As you may know or expect it, some castles are currently closed to the public due to covid-19 restrictions. But don’t worry, you still have plenty of great Belgian castles to enjoy in August!

Does visiting castles sound boring to you? Say no more, we are here to prove you wrong!

Check the map!

One of the most famous castles in Belgium is certainly the Gravensteen Castle in Ghent. This imposing fortress from the XII century is right in the middle of the city… and it is full of stories! With the Comedy audio tour and many amusing drawings spread all over the castle, you can be sure that children (from 8 years old and up) will definitely enjoy the visit! It is a nice way to visit the castle with a great touch of humour from the Flemmish comedian Wouter Deprez!

If you want to know more about the past of the Castle of the Counts with a guide, don’t miss the guided tours designed for families until end of August (every Wednesday and Saturday at 10.20 am).

The nice thing with the Castle of Bouillon is that you can enjoy it from day to night.

You can visit the castle and also enjoy a Fauconnery show! After all, with this warm summer that we have, don’t you want to enjoy the fresh air… accompanied by owls, eagles, hawks, vultures and falcons?

If you would rather want to entertain a large group of kids excited to be real princesses and knights, the group treasure hunt is also a great option for children willing to solve the enigmas of the castle.

By night, they organize night guided tours to discover the castle with a torch and step into the shoes of a real knight! We already love it!

Considered to be one of the most beautiful medieval castles in the country, don’t miss the Castle of Veves in Celles. It is literally like diving into a fairy tale! Even adults can only fall back into childhood in this castle worthy of sleeping beauty!

Bonus tip: the castle offers children the opportunity to dress up for the visit. At Imagine Belgium we already know which costume we want to put on!

There are also two nice activities for kids : children can either enjoy a treasure hunt with the whole family or they can take part in a group visit and try many medieval activities.

Another castle, another style but still a great place not to miss! Did you know that the Reinhardstein Castle as you see it now is not the way it was 60 years ago? In fact it was in ruins, as it was abandoned for more than 150 years but it was rebuilt in 1965 thanks to a great team of artisans!

It is now welcoming the public and you can even enjoy the castle by night with the candlelit visit (every Thursday) to know everything from the beginning of the castle in 1354 up to now!

Children (from 6-7 years old) can also try themselves at archery while adults can chill with some Reinhardstein cheese and beer in the reception pavilion! Cheese and beer in a castle? We are already on our way!

Have you ever dreamt about sleeping in a castle? Well, at least you can spend the night in the parc of the Castle of Beauvoorde!

Indeed, the castle is registered on Welcome To My Garden so that visitors have the possibility to camp there. What a better way to spend the day than to visit the castle, have a picnic and go for a bike ride, then later camp in the parc? Have you packed your tent yet?

We love the Jehay Castle and all the events organized this summer. Theater, music, a special visit for kids and several guided tours, check the program of activities, you will definitely find something nice to do in August! You can enjoy the visit of the castle, the gardens of the castle but also the kitchen garden of the castle which dates back to the 19th century and was restored just a few years ago.

There is no better example of mixing the present and the past than the Lavaux Sainte-Anne Castle. Did you know that the castle organized a lockdown E-festival with electro music and DJ sets in the gardens last May? If that sounds unbelievable, check the videos of the festival, it was great!

If you missed the E-party, you can still come and experience some living history in the fortress and take a trip back in time when you visit the cellars in the Keep. The visit also includes two museums: the Museum of the Life of the Lords of Lavaux in the 17th century and the Museum of Nature and Hunting. Cherry on the top: kids can dress up for the visit!

The Castle of Franchimont dates back from the XI century and despite its large destruction during the French Revolution, its ruins still proudly stand! You can explore the vestiges of the medieval castle and learn more on the evolution of military architecture.

Even if the kids activities that are usually offered stopped due to the covid-19 restrictions, the lovely woman at the welcome desk ensured us that families with children (from 6-7 years old) love the visit of the castle anyway! Time to fly back in time in the feudal era!

If you are looking for a great activity to do near Hasselt, here is the special visit at the Alden Biesen Castle where you can enjoy the Bilzen Mysteries

There are actually two great activities to spend the day there. With the daytime crime game, the whole family will explore the historic estate of Alden Biesen in a playful and exciting way around the story of a mysterious accident next to the castle. The game is designed for both young and old and offers a unique opportunity to see the surroundings of the castle!

Once it becomes dark, the Bilzen Mysteries will tell you the stories of the Alden Biesen Castle in a sound and light show full of stunning visual, sound and light effects!

Are you ready to travel back in time?

The Gaasbeek Castle is located in the South-West of Brussels so it is the perfect get away from the capital to a wonderful castle! You can visit the museum inside the castle, then walk into the beautiful gardens and enjoy the 49 hectare of the parc. Don’t miss it this summer because at the end of August the castle will start a renovation process and it will be closed until 2023!

Last Call for Gaasbeek everyone!


That’s all folks ! We hope our article inspired you for some visits in search of the greatest castles around Belgium.

Don’t forget to book your tickets online when it’s possible as you need to reserve prior your visit in many of those castles! And bring your masks to stay safe during the visit and be real Coronavirus-fighters! 

If you can’t get enough of castles, we definitely recommend you check the great article written by Charlotte from Charlies Wanderings. 

Since some castles are currently closed due to covid-19 restrictions, we couldn’t advise you more to go and visit them once it will be possible again like the Beloeil Castle or the Chimay Castle. In the meantime, take care of you and your tribe!


Written by Mathilde Pareja

Meet Mathilde, our Content Creator. She loves travelling and meeting new people. Belgian fries and waffles are her little "péchés mignons". She is always looking for good plans and tips to explore and (re)discover Belgium !

August 3, 2020

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